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Shredding and Screening

We can provide a shredding and screening service that helps ensure quality material. Please read below to discover more about this service and the specialised machines we use for it.

Shredding Service

We can supply various styles of shredders depending on your requirements. The high-speed Jenz BA725 machines have large throughputs and can cope with materials such as garden waste, wood waste, and bark.

Shredders are high-power, high-output units suitable for handling mixed-quality material. They can be used in different industries, from composting to forestry and construction. The machines we use can be combined with a screen to produce a fine or coarse-grade material.

The product created by these machines can range from an excellent grade material utilising a 50mm screen through to a slightly coarser grade if composting is required, with the advantage that minimum oversize material is left after screening. The larger material is handled with our powerful Doppstadt Bio. This machine can deal with anything from root balls to oversize garden waste.

Screening Service

Screening is a specialised activity, and the correct machine must be used as material consistency varies. Our operators are experienced in dealing with diverse waste streams.

Screening is the final processing stage, removing contaminants before the end product is ready for use. Our trommel screens remove contamination, such as stones, metal, and lightweight polythene, whilst grading the material to the required size. The trommels can be fitted with screen sizes from 12mm to 40mm. Our machines are fully mobile and can be transported to the site using our bespoke 6-wheeled crane lorries.

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