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Nationwide commercial food waste collection service

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Environmental Impact Figures for 2024

Food Waste Bins Emptied

684,947 lifts

Organic Material Recycled

70,372 tonnes

CO2 Saved from Landfill

48,627 tonnes

Energy Generated by Partners

10.75 GW

Why Choose Keenan?

Keenan Recycling provides food waste collection services for businesses including, restaurants, hotels, care homes, hospitals, and prisons. We also collect food waste on behalf of waste management companies, brokers, and councils.

With the use of high-end technology, we make the most of any food waste by taking it to anaerobic digestion plants, where it is converted into biogas that can be used for electricity, heat or even biofuel for transport.

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Why Recycle?

Proposed legislation from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Environmental Act 2021 is fast approaching. It has been introduced in Wales in April 2024, with England soon after.

In Scotland, it has been a legal requirement, since 2016,to recycle your food waste if you generate more than 5 kg.

Customers are increasingly favouring companies that value the environment and sustainability and by showing your compassion for these matters, and implementing food waste recycling services, customers are more likely to trust and favour your business over others.

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24/7 Service

We operate a night and day service, 7 days a week for all food waste requirements, no matter how small or big.

Our Fleet

We run a fleet of specialised food waste collection vehicles designed for rural locations, cities and suburbs.

Eco-friendly Bins

We respond to your company’s requirements and provide eco-friendly food recycling bins.

Waste Audit

Through a waste audit, we can assess your business’s food waste collection needs.

Easy and Affordable

We provide you with an easy and affordable food waste management solution.

Individualised Solutions

We offer flexible, individualised food waste disposal solutions for businesses of any size.

Our Experience

We are a national food waste recycling company and we can service the entire UK mainland. Offering exceptional personalised customer service with our dedicated customer service team who consistently work hard to meet our customer demands and take pride in working for an environmentally friendly company.

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Our Solutions

The core value of our company is to find solutions for our customers that help them save time and money whilst improving the environment. We aim to provide the following:

A Suitable Bin

A suitable bin which can range from a kitchen caddy to a 240-litre wheelie bin

Collection Schedule

A collection schedule to suit your needs

Customer Portal

A customer login to access any details you will need regarding your collection, including Waste Transfer Notes and bin weights

We collect food waste from many different businesses, which include…..

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