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Road to Net Zero

We are working towards the goal of developing a zero-carbon food waste collection model by the year 2030

We have developed a Net Zero Transition Plan with the clear aim of creating a sustainable zero-carbon food waste collection business by 2030.

Businesses are now striving to engage with suppliers that are more sustainable and environmentally aware in order to reduce supply chain emissions. By establishing and implementing our Net Zero Transition Plan, we aim to establish ourselves as a go-to Scope 3 supply chain partner for all food waste-producing sectors.


We have come up with a five-step plan to achieve our net-zero goal by 2030, which includes the following:

Hydrogen/HVO + Renewable Electricity

We intend on switching to a novel HVO and hydrogen fuel mix. Using only renewable energy in all offices.

CNG + Hydrogen HVO Hybrids (end of 2023-2024)

Circular solutions will be adopted with new biomethane-powered trucks, and more hydrogen hybrid models will be introduced within the fleet. More vehicles would switch from diesel to HVO fuel.

CNG + More H Conversions (end of 2024-2025)

We intend on using gas-powered trucks, and further hydrogen conversions and there will be greater uptake of HVO fuel.

Introduction of zero-emission vehicles (end of 2028–2029)

Once the recharging infrastructure has matured, we intend to use fuel-free electric and battery vehicles to produce zero emissions.

Net Zero Achieved (end of 2030)

We will operate our whole fleet on non-fossil fuels with a 95–100% reduction in carbon emissions.

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