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Commercial Food Waste Recycling

Our award-winning service will meet your specific needs.

Food Waste Recycling

We provide food waste recycling services for all sectors, including care homes, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and factories that produce large volumes of food waste, to offices with canteens, small coffee shops, and convenience stores.

We can organise a waste audit to establish how much food waste your business generates, this will allow us to understand how your business operates and advise on internal and external bins to suit your needs.

Recycling food waste helps to reduce business costs by eliminating general waste overweight charges, as food is the heaviest part of waste in the bin.  Additionally, general waste collection frequencies can be reduced as the overall volume in the bin will be reduced with the segregation of food waste.

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We provide food waste bins

We provide food waste bins to those who sign up for their food waste collections. If your company requires something different, we can provide a service for the supply of food waste containers in areas with limited space for bulk containers and tankers that are used for larger volumes of waste.

Bin Rinsing

We also provide the unique service of bin rinsing. This method of keeping your food waste bin clean is eco-friendly. It will be done immediately as part of your collection so our customers can have an efficient, clean, and easy experience with their waste collection.

Excellent Customer Service

Our two greatest strengths are our excellent customer service and our ability to tailor collection packages to each company’s specific needs. We will collect your food waste, manage it and recycle it correctly. We can work with your schedule and any kitchen space limitations you may have.

Our Services to You

We provide accurate data regarding the volumes of food waste collected.

This can aid businesses by providing baseline measurement and continual monitoring of the waste stream.  This data is vital for businesses to calculate the environmental impact of operations which generate food waste.

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Accurate Weighing

Each bin on our vehicles is individually weighed. The weights of these bins are given back to the customer, so they may track how much food waste they generate. These weights are an excellent measure for organisations and customers to assess how much food they are wasting that might be prevented. Tracking food waste enables you to determine what may contribute to these vast volumes.

Reporting and Analysis

If there is a problem with a collection, our employees take photos and notify the customer. The customer can contact our office, where another collection can be arranged, sometimes on the same day. We also report where customers’ food waste goes. Electronic Waste Transfer Notes are delivered to consumers every day. Food waste collection and disposal are outlined in Waste Transfer Notes. This report tells customers where their food waste will be recycled.


Health and Safety are our primary priorities at Keenan Recycling. We’ve developed several safety regulations and added safety measures to our trucks. Our workers wear PPE, hard hats, hi-viz, protective boots, and gloves. The safety features in our vehicles include location tracking, safety alarms, and spill kits. We assure you that you can have peace of mind when partnering with us, as we have taken the necessary steps to ensure everyone’s safety.

We Go Beyond the Collection of Your Food Waste! We not only collect your food waste but also recycle it.

Let us explain how this is done.

A team member will collect your food waste and then deliver it to one of our partner’s many strategically placed anaerobic digestion facilities throughout the UK. These facilities offer anaerobic digestion that use high-end technology to get the most out of any food waste.

This process results in the production of biogases, including methane and carbon dioxide, as well as the by-product known as digestate. The digestate can be used as fertiliser, and the biogases can be converted into either power, heat, or even biofuel that can be used in vehicles.

We can assist you in recycling commercial food waste into useful energy that can be used to power lights, appliances, and other electrical equipment. We can also help you maintain, control, and reduce your waste disposal expenses.

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Benefits of Recycling Food Waste

To help convince you that recycling your food waste is a good idea and introduce you to Keenan Recycling’s high-quality service, here are some of the benefits of recycling your food waste.

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Save Money

Recycling your food waste is an alternative to sending it to a landfill. The long-term outlook is that landfill costs are likely to rise.


In Scotland, if you are a commercial food business and produce more than 5kg of food waste, you must separate this from general waste. Similar Legislation is introduced in Wales from April 2024, with England following soon after.


By recycling your food waste, you are also helping the environment, as landfill produces harmful greenhouse gas emissions.


Businesses that embed sustainability into their day-to-day operations are better placed to take advantage of the rise in customer expectations.

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