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About Us

Providing a nationwide commercial food waste collection service.

As a food waste recycling company, we collect food waste from businesses, brokers and local authorities. Some of the businesses include restaurants, hotels, care homes, hospitals, prisons and cafes. The food waste collected is then transformed into electricity, heat and fuel.

Bin Rinsing

Many of our vehicles are fitted with this facility. Enquire for availability in your area.

Our Fleet

We have a large fleet of collection vehicles offering nationwide coverage.

Anaerobic Digestion

We convert food waste into biofuel, which is further converted into renewable energy.

We Recycle

Each year, the company recycles around 100,000 tonnes of garden and food waste.

Our Vision

Our goal is to replace the current largely linear economy of “take, make, and dispose”.

We support the circular economy in the process that our food waste undergoes, which helps us drive greater resource productivity.

We are developing a Net Zero Transition Plan with a clear aim of creating a sustainable zero-carbon food waste collection business by 2030.

We believe passionately in the need to create a sustainable future and are committed to playing our part in tackling climate change.

Our Values

Our core values are what make us who we are and what gives Keenan Recycling its identity.

These shared values describe what is important to us as we conduct our business. The way we behave – with each other, our people, our clients and our suppliers reflect these values.

Here at Keenan Recycling, we all do our share to realise the company’s values that can have a positive impact on the lives of our customers, communities and the environment.

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We care-by valuing each other, our customers and suppliers, we provide a quality service and a sustainable future

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we make an IMPACT…

We strive to make an impact from the little things to the big things, we are passionate about making a positive difference every day

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we work

We work together-treating each other with respect, we put teamwork ahead of personal agendas to create a better environment to live and work in

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We evolve-by achieving success through continuous improvement, we are enthusiastic about developing ourselves and the way we work

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