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Keenan Recycling food waste collection service

Keenan Recycling placed on NHS Scotland framework

The NHS plays a vital role in keeping Scotland healthy, and managing waste effectively is a crucial part of that mission. We’re excited to announce that Keenan Recycling, the UK’s leading food waste collections company, has officially joined the NHS Scotland Recyclates and General Waste Management Framework. This strategic placement will enable NHS Scotland Health Boards access to compliant and comprehensive food waste and recycling services.

Through optimised handling, increased recycling, and managing treatment of food waste streams, Keenan will help NHS Scotland achieve their ambitious target of reaching Net Zero by 2040.

What does this mean for the NHS?

As a procurement organisation, The Common Services Agency (more commonly known as NHS National Services Scotland), drives improvements and increases commercial efficiency across health, social care and public sectors across Scotland. Supported by Keenan’s extensive food waste collection infrastructure, the service covers all aspects of the food waste management process, from the initial collection at hospitals to recycling into renewable energy.

Here’s why partnering with Keenan Recycling makes a difference for the NHS:

  • Food waste expertise: We specialise in food waste recycling, offering a reliable and compliant service specifically tailored to the needs of hospitals.
  • Sustainability champion: By diverting food waste from landfill, we help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a greener NHS Scotland.
  • Resource recovery: Food waste doesn’t just disappear; it gets transformed! Through advanced composting and anaerobic digestion processes, we convert food scraps into valuable resources like compost and renewable energy.
  • Operational efficiency: Our streamlined collection process minimises disruption to a busy hospital environment.
  • Dedicated support: We offer a dedicated team of experts to answer your questions and ensure a smooth waste management experience.

Beyond just waste disposal, Keenan Recycling is committed to supporting the NHS in its journey towards a more sustainable future. We offer educational resources and workshops to staff on food waste reduction strategies, helping to minimise waste at the source.

Together, through this new partnership with NHS National Services Scotland, we can create a healthier environment for patients, staff, and the communities we serve. Ready to learn more about how Keenan Recycling can help your NHS facility achieve its waste management goals? Contact us today for a free consultation.