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Food Waste Recycling Services available in Sheffield

Looking for food waste recycling services in Sheffield? Keenan Recycling provides services for businesses, including pubs, shops, restaurants, hotels, care homes & more. Contact Us Now!

Sheffield Food Waste Collection and Recycling Solutions for a Brighter, Greener Future!

At Keenan Recycling, we appreciate the critical role that eco-friendly food waste management plays in protecting our environment. That’s why we are dedicated to offering you unparalleled food waste recycling services in Sheffield. Our expert team focuses on meticulously handling your food waste, employing the most environmentally responsible methods available. With our advanced trucks and extensive industry experience, you can confidently depend on us for all your food waste recycling needs.

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Why You Should Choose Us?

Sustainable Food Waste Recycling Solutions in Sheffield with Keenan Recycling

Looking for sustainable and reliable food waste recycling solutions in Sheffield? Look no further than Keenan Recycling. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us:

Over 20 years of experience in food waste collection and recycling

Customised food waste collection services to meet your needs

All our food waste is sent to Anaerobic Digestion plants and is used to generate renewable energy

Each bin on our vehicles is individually weighed with immediate reporting and analysis provided to our customers

A commitment to sustainability, with a focus on reducing food waste and increasing recycling

A team of customer service dedicated professionals who are passionate about food waste recycling

Some Industries that Keenan Recycling Serves:


Care Homes

Food retail


Our Working Process


Anaerobic Digestion Plant

The Foremost Provider of Food Waste Collection and Recycling Services in Sheffield: Keenan Recycling

Are you seeking efficient, trustworthy food waste collection and recycling services in Sheffield?Discover the difference with Keenan Recycling!

When you choose to collaborate with Keenan Recycling for your food waste collection, you not only contribute positively to Sheffield’s environment but also elevate your business’s sustainability. Our unwavering dedication to exceptional service, combined with eco-friendly practices, sets us apart as the preferred provider of food waste collection and recycling services in Sheffield and throughout the UK.

  • Efficient, trustworthy food waste collection
  • Commitment to environmentally responsible practices
  • Boost your business’s sustainability efforts
  • Exceptional service and green practices at the core of our mission
  • Proudly serving Sheffield and the wider UK region

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Our food waste collection process is simple and convenient. We provide you with designated food waste bins, which are regularly collected according to a pre-agreed schedule. Our modern trucks then transport the waste to a suitable recycling facility.

Yes, we can handle various food waste types, including fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products, and bakery items. Please contact us if you have specific questions about acceptable waste materials.

Food waste recycling helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prevents waste from ending in landfills, and contributes to a circular economy. Your business can enjoy cost savings, improved waste management, and enhanced sustainability credentials.

To sign up for our food waste collection service, simply fill out the contact form on our website or give us a call. Our friendly team will guide you through the process and answer any questions.

Yes, Keenan Recycling offers food waste collection and recycling services across the UK. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and service availability in your area.

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