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Food Waste Recycling in Newport

Keenan Recycling offers reliable Newport food waste collection and recycling services. Make a positive impact on your local environment and promote sustainability. Get in touch with us today!

Leading the Charge in Food Waste Recycling in Newport

Keenan Recycling sets the standard in food waste management. With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, we offer Newport businesses a simple and effective way to dispose of food waste. Join us and turn your food waste into an opportunity to enhance Newport’s green credentials.

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Why should you choose Keenan Recycling as your Ideal Food Waste Recycling Partner in Newport?

When it comes to dependable and sustainable food waste recycling in Newport, Keenan Recycling stands as a premier choice. Here’s why you should consider us:

Environmentally Friendly Approach:

Our food waste collection and recycling services aim to reduce the landfill burden and generate renewable energy.

Dependable and Prompt Service:

We understand the importance of timely waste collection. That’s why we are committed to offering prompt and reliable services that meet your business requirements.

Boost Your Business’s Sustainability:

Show your clients you care about the environment. By recycling food waste, your business moves towards sustainable operations and contributes to the community’s welfare.

Experienced and Trusted:

As the leading service in the UK, we bring proven experience and a well-earned reputation to the heart of Newport.

Local Service, National Impact:

Although our services are locally tailored, our recycling efforts have a nationwide impact, fostering a greener and cleaner UK.

Some Industries that Keenan Recycling Serves:


Care Homes

Food retail


Our Working Process


Anaerobic Digestion Plant

Searching for a reliable, environmentally friendly food waste collection and recycling service in Newport?

Your search ends with Keenan Recycling!

Partnering with Keenan Recycling enhances your business’s green efforts and bolsters the well-being of the Newport environment. Engaging in food recycling in Newport with us supports local and broader UK sustainability goals. We’re unwaveringly committed to delivering high-quality service while embracing responsible practices. This commitment solidifies us as the reliable choice for food recycling in Newport and other UK businesses.


Keenan Recycling provides food waste recycling services in Newport and the UK, suitable for various businesses, including restaurants, cafés, corporate canteens, and retail food sellers.

Food waste recycling is a critical part of environmental sustainability. It helps reduce landfill usage, generates renewable energy, and contributes to the production of biofertilisers. We can create a more sustainable environment by utilising food waste recycling in Newport and beyond.

Partnering with Keenan Recycling ensures efficient food waste disposal, strengthening your business’s commitment to sustainability. This can enhance your reputation and demonstrates your commitment to environmental responsibility to your customers.

Keenan Recycling offers tailored collection schedules based on your business needs. We offer flexible schedules for food waste recycling services in Newport and the UK, ensuring seamless waste collection and management for your business.

Not necessarily. Food waste recycling can be cost-effective, depending on the specifics of your business and waste management needs. Moreover, it allows your business to showcase its commitment to sustainability, which can enhance your reputation with customers and stakeholders.

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