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Mushy the Mushroom - Keenan Recycling's mascot

Meet Mushy – the fun guy helping us save the planet

Get ready to be charmed, because Keenan Recycling has a brand new friend joining the team – and he’s sprouted with a purpose.

That’s right, we’d like to introduce you to Mushy the Mushroom, our official mascot and the ultimate champion of responsible food waste recycling.

Why a mushroom?

Mushrooms are nature’s decomposers, breaking down organic matter and returning nutrients back to the earth. Just like these amazing fungi, Mushy embodies our commitment to turning food waste into a valuable resource.

Mushy’s mission

Mushy is on a mission to spread awareness about the importance of food waste recycling in a fun and engaging way. He’ll be joining us at events, popping up on social media, and even starring in some educational materials aimed at younger audiences (because let’s face it, fostering good recycling habits starts young!).

More than just a mascot

Mushy represents the positive impact we can all have on our planet by making small changes in our daily routines. By properly separating food waste, we can help Keenan Recycling convert it into clean energy or nutrient-rich compost. Talk about a win-win for the environment!

Mushy the Mushroom - Keenan Recycling's mascot

Join Mushy on his journey

We’re so excited to have Mushy as part of the Keenan Recycling family, and we hope you’ll love him too! Keep an eye out for his adventures on our social media pages, and remember – whenever you see Mushy, think about the power you have to make a difference, one food scrap at a time.

Together, let’s grow a greener future with Mushy!