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Motorcross biker Ricky Barrack with his bike and Keenan food waste recycling trucks

More than a sponsor: Keenan Recycling cheers Ricky’s journey

Keenan Recycling is proud to announce we’re continuing our sponsorship of Scotland’s rising motocross star, Ricky Barrack.

This 11-year-old rider has been tearing up the track for years, but a recent injury put him on the sidelines for a frustrating 4 months. Now, Ricky’s back on his bike and hungrier than ever to conquer the competition.

“I’ve had a much slower start to this year’s race season as I have been injured for the past 4 months. Now that I am back on my bike, I’m looking forward to competing in as much races as I can throughout the UK and hopefully the race results will reflect the hard work I put in,” says Ricky, clearly eager to make up for lost time.

With his sights set on podium finishes, Ricky’s dedication and hard work are sure to impress fans and fellow riders.

motocross rider Ricky Barrack standing in front of Keenan Recycling food waste truck motocross rider Ricky Barrack

A winning partnership

Ricky’s dad, James Barrack, sees a double win in their partnership with Keenan Recycling. “Recycling food waste into renewable energy is fantastic for the environment,” says James, who himself works in the waste management sector. “Huge thanks to Keenan Recycling for their ongoing support throughout the years.”

Fresh off a race victory at the Grampian Motocross Club, Ricky shows no signs of slowing down. With a renewed spirit, this young rider is primed for a stellar season.

Keep an eye out for Ricky as he races across the UK. Keenan Recycling is always proud to fuel future champions – both on the racetrack and for our planet.