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food waste must not go in the drain

Food waste down the drain? Not anymore in Wales! Get ready for new recycling rules

Attention Welsh businesses! Big changes are coming to how you handle waste. As of 6 April 2024, new regulations require workplaces across Wales to separate their recyclables, just like households already do. This is a significant step towards a more sustainable Wales, and Keenan Recycling is here to help your business make a smooth transition.

What’s changing?

  • Separate bins are mandatory: Single bins are a thing of the past! Businesses will need dedicated bins for paper/card, glass, metal, plastic, and cartons (including coffee cups).
  • Food waste gets special treatment: Premises producing more than 5kg of food waste weekly need a dedicated bin. Food waste disposal down the drain is strictly prohibited.
  • Other banned items: Unsold small electrical/electronic equipment and unsold textiles also have separate disposal methods.
  • Mixed waste is out: Mixing recyclables with general waste is not allowed.

Why is this happening?

Wales is a leader in recycling, and these new regulations aim to build on that success. By separating waste streams, we can increase recycling rates, reduce landfill use, and contribute to a greener Wales.

How can Keenan Recycling help?

Keenan Recycling offers a user-friendly food waste recycling service specifically designed for businesses. We provide clearly labelled bins, frequent collections, weighing of your bins, bin rinsing and transparent reporting to help you track your progress.

Don’t get caught off guard

Contact Keenan Recycling today to discuss your specific needs and ensure your business is compliant with the upcoming regulations. Together, we can create a more sustainable future for Wales!