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Keenan Recycling hailed for putting trust in workforce

Sid Bear has saluted Keenan Recycling for its impressive mix of trust, support, and opportunities to progress up the career ladder.

The latter is something he has taken advantage of having become a Transport Operations manager just six months after starting as a driver in the Exeter depot in February 2021.

Sid also held the title of Depot Supervisor for a brief period during a whirlwind start to life with one of the UK’s largest food waste recyclers.

He said: “The Exeter depot had just opened, so I joined as a driver before moving up to supervisor in the July when the team had grown sufficiently.

“Keenan is always looking to expand and strengthen the company’s presence around the country, so I knew there was a chance of progressing quickly.

“I had my certificate of professional competence (CPC) in Transport Management, so jumped at the opportunity to oversee six depots – Exeter, Plymouth, Salisbury, Weston-super-Mare, Gloucester, and Shrewsbury.

“We have a good bunch of drivers; it is very rewarding to finish the week with all jobs completed and the trucks in good order.”

Sid, an armed forces veteran, oversees more than 20 people across the half-a-dozen depots he’s in direct charge of.

His leadership style mirrors that of the company, meaning that he is approachable and hands on.

“There’s no micro management at Keenan,” continued Sid, who lives in Plymouth. “It’s a real plus point of the business and shows the trust those in charge have regarding employees.

“As long as the work gets done and customers are happy, then there are no questions asked, and that is the same right from the top to the bottom.

“It’s incredibly refreshing and helps bring the best out of each and every member of staff.”

An example of the support Keenan provides was evident when Sid proposed a mental health first aid course to help drivers.

He continued: “I asked if it was something I could do as it’s important for staff who are out on the road all day and will see things such as crashes to have someone to talk to.

“There was no hesitation about the course, and it is the perfect illustration of the advice and guidance that is on offer as and when anyone needs it.”

Sid, meanwhile, is raising money for the Army Benevolent Fund, which provides a lifetime of support to soldiers, veterans, and their immediate families.

As part of a six-man team across 8-9 June 2024, he is tackling the Cateran Yomp – a 54-mile hike across Perthshire, Scotland, that is described as the biggest and toughest event of its kind.

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