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Grant Keenan- Keenan Recycling - National Food Waste Conference

Food waste revolution – Keenan Recycling at the National Food Waste Conference 2024

The National Food Waste Conference 2024 in London buzzed with energy this year, and Keenan Recycling was right in the thick of it. The message was loud and clear: food waste recycling is about to become a nationwide priority.

The winds of change are blowing

Grant Keenan, MD of Keenan Recycling, drew a compelling parallel to the successful smoking ban. “Just like the idea of smoke-free pubs seemed radical years ago,” he said, “food waste recycling is gaining momentum and will soon be the norm.”

Keenan Recycling is at the forefront of this revolution, tackling food waste on a national scale with operations covering all UK postcodes.

But sustainability goes beyond legislation. Grant emphasises the importance of making food waste recycling economically viable for businesses. “We need to make it a win-win situation,” he states.

This shift in legislation presents a fantastic opportunity for a more sustainable future. Here at Keenan Recycling, we’re all in on making this a reality.

WATCH VIDEO: Grant Keenan at the National Food Waste Conference 2024

Sustainability at the forefront: Clean trucks, Net Zero targets

At Keenan Recycling its not just about great service, it’s about us playing our part in tackling climate change. We developed a Net Zero plan in 2022 and we are working hard on reducing our carbon emissions. We already operate hydrogen and Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) vehicles and this year we will replace 10 diesel vehicles with biomethane powered trucks. In this way we are able to offer circular solutions to our customers where their food waste can be used to create road transport fuel as well as green gas and electricity.

The momentum for sustainability is undeniable. As Grant notes, “Big businesses are looking at net zero agenda to drive things forward and achieve sustainability goals.”

Join the food waste revolution with Keenan Recycling

At Keenan Recycling, we’re passionate about creating a more sustainable future. With mandatory legislation on the horizon, there’s no better time to join the food waste revolution. We offer a variety of services to meet your business needs, all while keeping sustainability at the forefront.

Contact us today to discuss how Keenan Recycling can help your business navigate the changing landscape and contribute to a greener future.